Dulmison Ski Club


Dulmison Ski Club Limited was established in 1961. It currently maintains a membership of around 350.

Membership benefits include:

    • Two superior lodges, enabling you to choose between Thredbo and Perisher
    • Discounted accommodation rates for members and dependants.
    • Priority bookings
    • Winter and Summer Lodge Managers
    • Meals catered in Winter
    • Membership is capped
    • Regular electronic newsletter “Dulmison Dump” – the current one is available here.

The cost to join:

There is currently a waitlist for membership applications.

Single membership joining fee is $12,000

A second membership (this upgrade is referred to “family” or “dual” membership) is currently $8,000 (discounted from $11,000)

There is an annual membership fee which is set by the Board each year. For 2020 this fee is $410 and is payable in addition to each joining fee.

This fee is partly rebatable (2020 – $190) against the member’s first booking in the year immediately following its due date.

Further details are provided in the flyer here.

Membership transfers

A request for transfer of a Club membership can only:

    • be requested by a fully financial member
    • for a minimum period of 1 year,
    • be to an eligible immediate family member, and
  • occur before a booking request is made.
  • by completion of the Transfer Request Form downloadable here.
  • Approval of the Board.

A non-refundable administration fee of $100 will be payable on a Transfer of a Club membership which has been transferred twice within a two-year period.

The recipient is responsible for all fees and charges during the transferred period.

The procedure to join

Please download and complete the Membership Application Form . The completed from should be emailed to dulmison@hotmail.com or posted to the address given on the form.

Alternatively, please download and complete the Earn-In Membership Application form for completion and submission.

Applicants will generally be interviewed by a member of the Club’s Board.

Once accepted, you will receive written confirmation and a copy of the Club’s Articles/Constitution and Rules. The joining fee and annual subscription will be due immediately.

Enquiries can be addressed to John Snelling at dulmison@hotmail.com

Booking Priority

Bookings are offered on a simple priority basis where Family memberships receive a few weeks lead time in which to make bookings. Single members follow and, thereafter, guests of members are able to apply for bookings.

These priorities are extended to spouses and dependant children under 18.

Only members whose annual fees are paid are able to apply for a booking.

During peak booking times (such as school holidays) a ballot is sometimes warranted to ensure fairness.

Booking applications are made on-line. Access to the booking system is under the “Accommodation” menu above.

Details of booking priorities and rates are contained in other pages in the website: