Dulmison Ski Club

Summer Accommodation – Priorities & Guidelines

Both Perisher and Thredbo Lodges are amazing places to spend time during Spring and Summer (collectively referred to as “Summer” for our booking purposes). Such bookings are from 13 October. (Both lodges are closed 7th-12th October to allow the Winter Managers and Lodge Committee time to clean and vacate).

Members are actively encouraged to use the Lodges and recommend it to their family and friends.

There is no on-site summer caretaker in Perisher lodge.

There is an on-site summer caretaker in Thredbo – but he provides no guest services apart from a continental breakfast daily.

Enquiries should be made by email and bookings for both Thredbo and Perisher should be made on the Dulmison Booking Form downloadable from here.


The booking priority arrangements and date for allocation of bookings are as follows:

Priority 1 Member bookings for whole of Lodge (excluding L’Etape, Xmas Peak & Easter Peak) – minimum 12 beds for Thredbo and 14 beds for Perisher. 26 September 2019
Priority 2 Member bookings for individual rooms (including Temporary Members accompanying a Member) 3 October 2019
Priority 3 Member bookings for whole of Lodge: L’Tape, Xmas Peak, Easter Peak 10 October 2019
Priority 4 Temporary Member bookings (not accompanied by a member; Thredbo only) 17 October 2019

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please read them prior to requesting a booking.


Room allocation is at the Booking Secretary’s discretion and there is no guarantee requested rooms can be so allocated. Rooms cannot be changed by the Member or Guest without the Booking Secretary’s permission.

No booking for accommodation may be transferred to another person without the authority of the Booking Secretary.

Bookings by a Temporary Member for stays at Thredbo Lodge, unaccompanied by a Member, must be sponsored by a Member. At Perisher Lodge, Temporary Members must be accompanied by a Member.


Members and Temporary Members are required to abide by the Lodge Rules and all guests are responsible for the following during any stay.

  • The care of the Lodge and all its facilities and for the proper use of all equipment.
  • Leaving the Lodge in a tidy, pristine condition and advising of any breakages or losses.
  • The care, behaviour and well-being of their children. The Club accepts no responsibility for children. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Their own behaviour- all guests are expected to behave amiably towards each other whilst staying at the Lodge.


  • Lodge Manager – A Summer Caretaker will be in residence.
  • Linen – Bed linen (fitted sheets, doona covers, pillow slips and towels) will be provided for a fee of $20 per person per stay. At the end of the stay linen is to be placed appropriately in the three baskets under the stairs.
  • Food – A continental breakfast (cereal, fruit juice, toast, tea and coffee) will be provided.
  • Whole of Lodge – Maximum capacity for whole of Lodge bookings is 16 persons.
  • Cleaning
    • Fees: $26 per bedroom – of $280 for whole of lodge booking.
    • Compulsory whole of Lodge cleaning fees apply for the following types of bookings:
      • Bedroom-bathroom cleaning for Temporary Member bookings when not accompanied by a Member.
      • Whole of lodge cleaning fee of $280.00 for all whole of Lodge bookings and Temporary Member groups not accompanied by a Member using 4 or more bedrooms.
    • Cleaning fees are optional for all other types of bookings.
    • See Lodge cleaning section below for further information.


  • Lodge Manager – There will be no on-site Summer Caretaker at Perisher.
  • Linen and Food – Continental breakfast and linen are not available. All members and guests must provide their catering as well as their own bed linen and towels.
  • Whole of Lodge – Maximum capacity for whole of Lodge bookings is 22 persons.
  • Cleaning
    • Only option is whole of Lodge cleaning at $300.
    • See Lodge cleaning section below for further information.

LODGE CLEANING (both Lodges)

Ongoing tidying and cleaning during your stay is the responsibility of the staying Member/ Temporary member. This is particularly important if the lodge is being shared with others.

The services below are only for end-of-stay cleaning.

A cleaning service may be provided by arrangement with the Summer Booking Secretary, which must be booked and paid for prior to arrival at the respective Lodge.

The bedroom –bathroom cleaning service is for guest bedrooms and bathrooms only and does not include cleaning of the kitchen or common areas.

The whole of Lodge cleaning service includes cleaning of guest bedrooms and bathrooms as well as cleaning of the kitchen and common areas.

If a Member or Temporary Member is not paying for a cleaning service that Member/Temporary Member is responsible for ensuring:

  1. all bedrooms/bathrooms utilised are properly cleaned with the materials provided in each bathroom;
  2. bedroom floors are vacuumed and any waste paper removed;
  3. doonas and blankets are neatly folded; and
  4. the kitchen and common areas are left in a pristine, neat and tidy condition free of rubbish with kitchen equipment cleaned, floors mopped and carpeted floors vacuumed.

If a Member or Temporary Member books a Bedroom-Bathroom Cleaning service, responsibility for item 4 remains with the Member/ Temporary Member.

If the bedrooms/bathrooms /kitchen/common areas are not satisfactorily cleaned a cleaning charge will be subsequently applied.

Please note that cleaning fees will apply automatically to bookings where a Temporary Member is not accompanied by a Member.


  • Annual Subscription – Club member rates and booking priority are not available to Members who have not paid their Annual Subscriptions. Please note that for 2020 the Annual Subscriptions are due and payable by 31 December 2019.
  • Accommodation Rebate –The Accommodation Rebate in the 2020 Subscription fees may be used for Summer Bookings made for after 1 January 2020 provided the 2020 Subscription fee has been paid before the booking is made.
  • The Accommodation Rebate for 2019 may be used for Summer Bookings until the end of April 2020. If so utilised the 2020 Accommodation Rebate cannot be used for the same booking.
  • The Accommodation Rebate is not available to be applied against any cleaning charges.
  • Deposit
    • For bookings made more than 60 days prior to commencement date of stay:
    • Members: A 40% deposit is required on receipt of invoice to confirm the booking. If payment is not received within 7 days the booking will be cancelled. Your Accommodation Rebate can be applied toward the deposit.
    • Temporary Members: A 60% deposit is required on receipt of invoice to confirm the booking. If payment is not received with 48 hours the booking will be cancelled. Please email bank confirmation of payment.
  • Payment – 
    • EFT is our preferred method of payment.
    • Full payment of invoice is required 60 days prior to commencement of stay.
    • If booking is make within 60 days of commencement of stay then payment must be paid in full on receipt of invoice to confirm the booking.
    • If full payment is not received within the time stipulated then the booking will be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation fee structure.
    • Invoices will be sent via email, so please ensure you include your current email address on any booking form or other correspondence relating to summer bookings. Invoices will show the total amounts owing and provide cancellation details.
  • Cancellation – Bookings may be cancelled/changed and payments refunded, less a minimum administrative charge of $100 (GST inclusive) per booking. The following cancellation charges also apply for cancelled bookings and will be deducted from any refund or charged where insufficient payment received.
Period from cancellation to start date 31-60 days 15-30 days 14 days or less
Cancellation charges as a percentage of the total cost 40% 70% 100%

 No refund can be made in respect of a cancellation received on or after the starting date of the booking except under exceptional circumstances and subject to approval of the Directors.