Dulmison Ski Club


Established in 1961, we retain a long and proud tradition as a family-orientated Ski Club. 

The Club has two magnificent, world-class ski lodges: each centrally located in Thredbo and Perisher Valleys. Both offer modern, fully-catered accommodation to members, our families and guests.

Our members have been drawn to the facilities and camaraderie offered and cherished by the Club over the years.

The ultimate expressions of the Clubs culture are seen on the faces of the members, their children and friends in their enjoyment of the lodges, activities and friendships developed over the weeks or years of their involvement in Dulmison Ski Club.

Since inception, the Club and its members have been active in all activities offered by Thredbo and Perisher Valleys – from Ski teams to bushwalking.

The following pages offer comprehensive information to Members, guests any other interested parties.